Goals & Impacts

CNHED’s Impact

As an association, CNHED has achieved successes that would be impossible for a single organization. In support of and through the hard work of our members:

  • CNHED generated the political will for the District to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in additional local funding for affordable housing and economic development programs that work, including $100 million annually for the Housing Production Trust Fund, the lynchpin to creating and preserving affordable housing in DC; and, in FY19, $63 million for additional affordable housing programs; and nearly $20 million for programs assisting small business.
  • CNHED’s policy efforts lead to system change, such as removing barriers to the success of small and micro businesses in the District. For example, DCSmallBizHelp.com features a network of fifteen local organizations that provide an expansive array of assistance for small businesses in the District. CNHED and NeighborhoodInfo DC created a District-wide affordable housing preservation strategy, whose first recommendation, to create an inter-agency Preservation Strike Force, was adopted by the administration. The groups also launched an online version of the Preservation Catalog, containing 39,000 units of publicly-assisted affordable housing and launched a new preservation decision-making tool, www.HousingInsights.org.
  • CNHED’s Housing For All Campaign engaged more than 4,000 individuals and hundreds of organizations to more effectively participate and lead, building the political will to dramatically increase local appropriations for a continuum of housing that is affordable for residents of low-income. The Campaign also helped institute structural changes for how affordable housing is funded in the District. The wins were achieved by organizing thousands of residents in specific public education actions, backed by compelling data and personal stories.
  • CNHED launched the DC Anchor Partnership, included in the Mayor’s DC Economic Strategy as a high-impact initiative promoting inclusive prosperity. In the initiative’s first phase, we are working with four prominent District universities and hospitals to increase their procurement with District-based minority-owned businesses.
  • CNHED’s capacity building efforts have equipped organizations with the resources, information and skills they need to operate more effectively.

CNHED continues to distinguish itself by harnessing the differences across our diverse membership and with our allies to create collaboration that results in real solutions for affordable housing and economic development. The impact of this engagement translates to strong infrastructure for community development that goes beyond any single organization or individual.

Your contribution makes a difference:

With your support, CNHED will drive toward a vision of the District where all residents are part of thriving, livable communities that are socially, racially, and economically just. CNHED will deliver:
• Transformative and effective policies and efficient programs
• Increased local resources for effective community development programs
• Communications, practical research and information
• Expanded capacity of community developers, service providers, community lenders,
businesses and others to maximize current and future opportunities


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