CNHED’s Mission

CNHED fosters just and equitable community development solutions that address the needs and aspirations of low- and moderate-income District residents by convening, advocating, and educating diverse stakeholders.

Who we are

CNHED is a dynamic,  501(c)3 member association that supports the nonprofit housing and economic development industry in Washington, DC.  Since its inception in 2000, the organization has grown from 55 organizations to nearly 140 today. CNHED’s strength is in its convening power, highly successful advocacy, robust communications and information sharing, and equipping its members with tools and resources for their work. CNHED’s organizational members include nonprofit and for-profit affordable housing developers, housing counseling and service agencies, community economic development organizations, workforce and business development entities, lenders, intermediaries, and government agencies.

CNHED is proud to be a leader in the District of Columbia as:

  • One of the District’s Most Effective Advocacy Organizations
  • A Premier Trainer of Community Development Staff in DC
  • A Respected Expert on Affordable Housing Issues
  • A Unifying Voice and Representative of Community Development Sector
  • A Problem Solver and Reliable Source of Information

[CNHED] provides an informed and respected voice for the community development industry as an advocate for affordable housing and neighborhood-based economic development.

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