Our History & Impact

The Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic Development is a 501(c)(3) membership organization that represents the affordable housing and inclusive economic development industries in the District of Columbia. CNHED is the result of a merger in 2000 between the Coalition of Economic Development Organizations (CEDO) and the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing Development (CNHD), two organizations with long histories of leadership and advocacy on behalf of nonprofit community developers. CNHED’s mission is to lead nonprofit community development organizations in ensuring that residents with low and moderate incomes have housing and economic opportunities in neighborhoods throughout the District of Columbia.


An Avenue for Advocacy


CNHED conducts public education and advocacy in a number of ways, including participating in public hearings, researching relevant issues, engaging in community rallies through the Housing For All Campaign and meeting with city officials. Members of CNHED receive information about current issues affecting the community development sector and have an opportunity to participate in advocacy on a number of different levels.

High Quality Training

The mission of the CNHED Training Institute is to provide high quality training at an affordable price to help sharpen the skills of the community development industry in the DC metro area. In existence since 1999, the Training Institute has truly found its niche with the customization of a number of courses each year specific to the DC marketplace. The purpose of these tailored courses is to train our members on how things “really work” in the District of Columbia.

CNHED Research

CNHED works with advocates and Coalition members to determine research needs related to affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization in the District of Columbia; perform research within a relatively short time frame; and make research results available by disseminating reports to our members, other advocates, city officials, the media and others.



CNHED maintains a constant flow of information to its members and the general public. Our weekly newsletter “The FYI,” updates members about CNHED activities, Council sessions, funding availability, and other announcements of interest to the membership. Additionally, we host monthly meetings and working sessions that keep us in touch with our members and the issues that are important to them. This constant flow of information helps us to remain an industry-wide “first-source” for information.

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