The Norwood Dreams of Tenant Purchase

May 11, 2011

More great video from the Housing for All Rally! Silvia Salazar from the Norwood Tenant Association read a bedtime story. The story told the dream that her apartment building has of purchasing using the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act – a dream that can only be realized with the help of the Housing Production Trust Fund. Where will they sleep and tell bedtime stories without an investment from the city? 

Once upon a time there were 84 families who lived in an old, run-down building in Logan Circle, Washington DC. The families, some who came from faraway places around the world and others who had lived their whole lives in DC, worked hard and supported each other through their tenant association. Times were tough but they were happy because they  shared a dream.

The families dreamed that one day they would be able to get rid of the evil landlord who controlled their building. And the families were lucky because the land of Washington, DC had a wonderful law that allowed tenants had the right to buy their building when it was for sale.

Unfortunately, the Council of the land were in quite a bind. Their annual budget would just not balance. The Housing Production Trust Fund, the money that would allow to the tenants to purchase and fix up their building, was on the chopping block. But, as good leaders do, the Council looked to their people for guidance.

And, so, the good people of Washington, DC came together. And those lucky enough to have a bit more said, “You can count on us. Together we can raise revenue!” And so, the leaders cut inefficiencies and raised taxes and found the money to ensure that housing programs, and human services and even small business assistance was restored!

The Norwood Tenant Association purchased their building. They even created a childcare center in the basement where the little ones could play and the moms could work. They renovated the building while preserving affordable housing. They maintained diversity in Washington, DC. They drove out the evil landlord and showed that low-income residents can control their housing. And, thanks to the good people of Washington, DC and the benevolent City Council they all lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER….

Help the tenants of the Norwood make their dream come true. Join CNHED for advocacy day, Tuesday May 17 at 2:00 PM. RSVP here. Flier here.

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