Impacts of High Incomes on Housing

October 31, 2011

Dear readers,

I have been out of town, so there will be no “Meet the Continuum of Housing” blog post today.  But I do have a little something. On October 19. Bloomberg News reported that the DC metro region has the highest area median income in the country.  Of course, high wages for some do not diminish the high rates of poverty that exist in our region. In the case of housing, rising incomes can have harsh impacts those at the lower ends of the income scale.

The Washington metro area replaced San Jose, CA as the highest-income region of the country. A 2002 documentary, Boom, the Sound of Eviction shows the impact of the Dot Com Boom on housing in that region. The Bay Area saw rapid gentrification and high levels of eviction. Boom, the Sound of Eviction is available in 10-minute increments on and is worth the watch.

If you’re like me, you’ll leave the movie with an appreciation for DC’s eviction protection laws, as well as with concerns about what rising wages for some mean for our region’s poor and working class.

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