Act now for affordable housing!

April 9, 2012

DC is a city with diverse and growing housing needs, and we need a budget that:

  • Provides permanent housing solutions for families and individuals currently living in shelters or hotel rooms
  • Rolls back the growing numbers of people waiting for affordable housing.
  • Invests in creating new affordable housing for the tens of thousands of District residents that need it.
  • Provides resources to protect our current affordable housing through the tenant purchase process.
  • Encourages residents of all income levels to become homeowners.

The budget that is currently being proposed does none of these things.Instead, it reduces funding for key programs, maintains level funding in areas of growing need, and takes money from one program to pay for another.


 Dear Councilmembers, 

The District cannot afford another year of cuts to affordable housing programs. DC needs realistic housing solutions. We cannot ignore the growing need for permanent housing for our residents currently living in shelter, and we cannot continue to cut the programs that create affordable housing in our communities in the long term. We need to invest now in permanent housing solutions. 

 I am writing to ask you to:

  • Commit to funding the Housing Production Trust Fund.
  • Fund permanent solutions to homelessness.
  • Fully fund the Home Purchase Assistance Program.

 This issue is crucial to me and my community. 


You can email all the Councilmembers using:

Please email the DC Council, then send this email on to 10 of your friends.

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