Big Housing Wins in Today's Budget!

May 15, 2012

We’re thrilled to inform you that today, the DC Council voted to invest in Housing for All and Neighborhood Based Economic Development! Thanks to months of continued advocacy, the Council unanimously agreed to pass a revised budget proposed by Chairman Kwame R. Brown, including nearly $25 million investment to the Continuum of Housing. We applaud Chairman Brown and Committee on Housing and Workforce Development Chair Michael Brown for their leadership on this budget.

You made this win happen!
We faced an uphill battle, with growing need for affordable housing, proposed funding cuts, and uncertainty how the DC Council would respond. Over the last few months, many of you sent emails, talked to Councilmembers, walked around the Wilson Building, came to the Housing for All Town Halls, and kept the pressure on the Council to show the importance of these programs.  The impact was clear.  Councilmembers now understand the programs better than they did before and consider them a top priority.

We will continue our advocacy as the Council considers the Budget Support Act which will be voted on June 5. The BSA includes all the legislation that supports the budget, including the priorities for future revenue.

Come celebrate today’s success with us!
Join CNHED on Wednesday May 23 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm at our office (1432 U Street NW 1st Floor Rear Annex) as we celebrate our victory! We want to show our appreciation to all of the people who made this win happen with food, drinks, and merriment.

Housing for All supporters gather before today's budget vote

Restorations and investments for the Continuum of Housing in the Fiscal Year 2013 budget:

•         $18 million to the Housing Production Trust Fund:At the last moment, Chairman Brown’s proposed budget included $18 million dollars for the Trust Fund from the sale of a city building in Ward 6.  During today’s session, Councilmembers Graham, Evans, Barry, Bowser, Michael Brown and Kwame Brown all highlighted the value of the Trust Fund, and celebrated restoring the funding. Councilmember Bowser credited the renaissance on Georgia Avenue to the Trust Fund, and highlighted the hundreds of Trust Fund units in Ward 4 alone.

•         $4 million to the Local Rent Supplement Program to provide additional tenant-based vouchers: The Council has showed great concern about the increase in family homelessness and lack of permanent housing solutions. These additional funds will allow the city to move families out of shelter and into permanent housing.

•         $2.5 million to the Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP): The Committee on Housing and Workforce Development recommended a $2.5 million which was adopted in the budget.  An additional $2.9 million is on the priority list for funding if the city sees additional revenue.  With these combined funds, HPAP will not have to reduce the number of people served in 2013.


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