Fulfilling Martin Luther King’s Vision

January 23, 2013


Today’s post is by Housing For All intern Shaunte Wilcher.

Americans all around the country were once again reminded of the struggle for civil rights domestically and abroad as Martin Luther King Day and the second inauguration of the first African American president has finally come to a close. These historical events remind many of how far we’ve come, but should also serve as a blunt reminder of how far we have to go. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a day where all men would be created equal, and his dream has yet to come true.

As many tourists flooded the city yesterday attending balls and other inauguration events, DC’s homeless congregated on street corners and in shelters. Many DC residents’ dreams of change have become piped as government officials continue to ignore their outcry for help. Housing is a human right, and local officials must recognize the call for urgency. As housing prices and the number of people at risk for homeless skyrocket, residents are demanding government intervention.

The Housing For All Campaign recognizes that the struggle is obviously far from over. Inspired by Martin Luther King’s perseverance, the Housing For All Campaign has ignited peacefully to continue to fight. As Martin Luther King once said: “change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom”. The Housing For All Campaign rally on January 26 is a time for “straight back” advocates to join together to fight for quality decent and affordable housing for all district residents. After all, what would King do?

The Housing For All Rally will be held on Saturday January 26 at noon at the Martin Luther King Library. 

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