A Vision For DC: A Possible City

February 14, 2013


John “Mick” Matthews rounds up our adult category with his first place entry entitled: A Possible City. Matthews imagined DC as a place were homeless shelters are no longer needed because everyone had quality and decent housing.  Could you ever imagine such a perfect place? Continue reading below to find what other revolutionary ideas Matthew spoke of in his poem.

A Possible City

by John “Mick” Matthews

Imagine if you will, a city which as yet does not exist,

where you can walk down the street in the middle of the night

and not see one man, one woman, asleep on a bench

or shivering for warmth on a grate.

A city where the closing of a homeless shelter

brings not reactionary demonstrations of protest

but revolutionary celebrations

for it is not needed anymore.

A city where everyone has a place to cook

and eat a meal with the family of his fellow man;

a place to live, to learn, to love

a place to sleep, a place called “home”.

This city could be called Washington DC.

The time could be relatively soon.

A few new ideas, a new commitment,

and this city could truly have Housing for All.

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