Another Vision of Housing For All

February 20, 2013

Our second place adult category winner is Eugene Sanford, a homeless advocate in DC. He walked the judges through his vision of housing for all with a poem addressing homelessness and the poor conditions of shelter in the DC area.  You can read his poem below:


What Is Your Vision of Housing For All
By Eugene Sanford

So what is my vision of Housing for All
It’s become known to me for quite a long time
Our primary goal is to house everyone
Instead of hearing “Brother, can you please spare a dime?”Adult category second place winner Eugene Stanford (middle), Polly Donaldson (left) and Councilmember Bowser (right)

Though shelters are used for safety and warmth
It is not a real place to have a stable life
I would much rather live in a house or apartment
With one or two children, and a beautiful wife

It must begin with one, and another, and another
Until this ordeal clearly comes to an end
Our parks and our shelter would then be vacated
As all of these lives will soon start to mend

Each apartment in DC from Ward 1 to Ward 8
Should not be constructed for the well-to-do
Nor should it be saved for the wealthy and rich
It should only be affordable for either one or two

As homelessness ends, and everyone is home
There will be no more passings, nor other deaths to a fall
Many low-income workers will have higher-paying jobs
Helping those into permanent Housing For All

It would look more like…..a home
Feeling very sureen, very quiet, stable and warm
As a place where one person regains dignity and pride
My experience in housing makes me even more stronger
Thus empowering me to embrace stability
While putting my horrific situation aside

It would take determination and sheer inner-strength
From one homeless person to say “THIS IT IT!!!”
I wish not to live like this anymore
Sleeping on a park bench, or on the cold, hard ground
And awaking every morning unstable and sore

Through all of the parks and shelters about
There are those who reside in that one awful spot
And have simply given up on how they should live
During all of the change the parks to our shelter,
Along with Case Management and the will to survive
There will later come a time when we all must give.

And last, but not least, we must get the word out
From all Wards and State Counties, to the National Mall
That housing itself should be a human right
While supporting the cause to have Housing For All


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