Daisia’s Vision (Youth 3rd Place)

February 26, 2013

Daisia Williams is our youth third place winner. She is a student at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. Daisia takes us through her vision for Housing For All with a short story that traces the steps of a young mother’s struggle for affordable housing.  You can read her story below:

Housing for All: A Vision for DC


A young woman about the age of twenty-two lives in Edgewood Terrace with her two kids. She left for work early in the morning, dropping her kids off at school and catching her eight o’clock G8 bus to Avondale. Her name is Daisy. She carries herself with a great deal of class and with an attitude of determination and care for her family and life. She left work about six o’clock and arrived home at seven thirty. “What is this?” Daisy said. “It is happening all over again she exclaimed.” Daisy has a puzzle look, her eyes start to water, and then she falls to the ground. Daisy finds her kids sitting outside their apartment building with all their belongings lying on the sidewalk. She gives them a big hug saying, “I’m so sorry.”

Daisy calls the first person she knows that she can rely on; her grandmother. “Mom, I have been evicted, can you come and get us. Her daughters grab their favorite toys and as many clothes as they could fit in the car. Daisy grabs her most valuable belongings but her couch and bedroom sets remained lying there. Daisy and her kids now have been living with their grandmother for 2 months. Every night Daisy has nightmares. She thought that her kids hated her; once they become adults they would leave and never come back. This went on for a few weeks. She would sweat, fight, and move around in the bed trying to wake up but could not. But on an odd day, Daisy dreamed about the good life she always wanted to have. She sees tall bright row houses and clean bright apartments. They are all in the same area where a recreation center sits in the middle. It is a place where everyone can go, adults and children can interact with each other. She sees her kids running through the park with smiles on their face during community fun day and the annual block day. Her kids are happy and always wanting to go outside to play. People will come together from the community to help others when their in a tough situation. Everyone is welcoming and offers a lending hand. Adults will discipline, give advice, and help any child to the best of their ability when the parents are having a tough time doing so. Daisy is now peacefully lying in bed with a calm and content face.

In the room there is complete silence. The room is still and Daisy is awake. The next morning Daisy goes to the City Council with her proposal of starting an organization towards aiding people without homes. She thought of events, protest, and speeches that can be started to gain more public attention on housing for all. After her success in gaining housing, Daisy is now pursuing a career in social work to bring change to the lives of unfortunate children.

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