Housing For All Poem (Youth First Place)

February 21, 2013

Tyrone Lewis is our youth first place winner.  He is a 12 year with wisdom far beyond his years. Below you’ll find his poem where he talks about his family’s own struggle with affordable housing :

“ I hope you like my poem because l worked really hard on it and also I am a poet and am trying to get recognized because writing poetry is my only talent and I have entered a  poetry contest at school. But, most importantly my family is also going through housing problems and l also want to help them because they have done so much for me.”


My family grew up here

I don’t want to leave530563_521600711193764_2125344361_n

Ever since I’ve been here

I created memories


People paying rent

Trying to find  a house

Working shifts 24/’7

Trying not to get kicked out


People feeling angry

People feel depressed

I’m one of those people

I’m just like the rest


Families are on the edge

We have to back them up

Everyone should have a bed

And pay little every month


That is my vision

That is my decision

Everyone should  in

No one should be hidden


Houses on every corner

Houses on every street

Every house has an owner

That sit and rest their feet


We’ll Work hard

Day by day

‘til everyone has

A place to stay


I shouldn’t see couches

On the sidewalk

I should see a street

Full of  U-haul trucks


Every branch

I see on a tree

Is how many houses

I should see on the street


I should see houses

Saying sale and  sold

I shouldn’t see people

Standing in the cold


My mom looks in the mailbox

And there’s nothing but bills

When I seen the amount due

I thought it wasn’t real


Step by step

Wall by wall

Housing for me

And Housing for All!

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