The Big Move (Youth Second Place)

February 25, 2013

Our youth second place winner is Katherine Hernandez. She is an 11 year old student at Ceasar Chavez School of Public Policy.    She writes a short description about her families struggle for affordable housing when moving from a small cramped apartment into a home that was more accommodating for her family.  

 The Big Move

When I used to live in maybe the smallest apartment ever I felt really, really uncomfortable. I couldn’t even play around with my brother. I didn’t know what to do. I actually couldn’t do anything about it. I would complain to my mom that our apartment was too small for 2 adults and 2 children. After our dialogue my mom was searching for a new apartment but everything was too expensive. My dad and I of course were very angry. Our apartment had a small living room, a small kitchen, and a small bathroom and what bothered me the most was that we had a terribly small room in which my parents, my brother, and I had to sleep in. Luckily it was big enough to fit our beds in.

Later on my mom searched for a job that paid more and she got it. I was so happy and thought that we could have a chance to find a new apartment. When my mom and I had a day off of work and school, she and I went to search for an apartment. We entered a large building with lots of windows and a beautifKatherine (left) and Housing For All campaign coordinator , Elizabeth (right) at Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools for Public Policyul hall with furniture along the walls. My mom walked straight to the manager and told her about our terrible situation and why we needed the apartment so badly. Apparently the manager had a great heart because we finally found an apartment! The manager led us to the apartment that we were going to live in. I was so surprised when I entered; it was so big and beautiful. I wanted to run around and look at what would be my room. Unfortunately my brother wasn’t there so I could show him. My mom and I left the building and I was the happiest girl that day; I couldn’t believe we were actually going to move. On Saturday we started to move our stuff into the new apartment. I was so happy to sleep in a better place that night. Ever since then I have been living in a big beautiful place I could run around and play and have fun.

I was lucky enough to find a better home that my parents could afford but not many people have that opportunity. It is important for other people to live somewhere they feel comfortable living in and somewhere they can afford. Many people can feel frustrated and don’t know what to do. Others don’t even have a home; they live in the streets and have no shelter because they can’t afford it or they just had problems at their old home. This is why I think that affordable housing is important to everyone and that people have the right to live somewhere they feel comfortable, safe, and happy.

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