Home is Love (Adult Second Place)

February 27, 2014

Housing For All Rally 2014 106b Writing Winners

Our second place adult winner for the Home is Where the Heart is writing competition, Judith Overbey tells us that home is more than just where the heart is:


To me, home is where you find love.  It’s where you go whenever you need to know that you are safe.  It is family, it is warmth in the winter and comfort in the summer. It is holidays full of laughter and stories about the past and loved ones gone on.

Home is not just the building but all that it holds. It’s brick and mortar, siding, carpet and tile.  It’s community, yards where children play, sidewalks where people stop to say hello. Home is important to me because it holds all that I hold dear, my family, my son, daughter, daughter-in-law and baby grandson.  Together we are happy, we feel safe and we know that there is hope for the future.  Home is hope for better tomorrows and a chance to share dreams.  Housing should be a right not a privilege and should be available to everyone.

Home is love.

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