A Home for Body and Heart (Adult Third Place)

March 3, 2014

Samar Chatterjee is our third place adult winner for the Home is Where the Heart is writing competition. In his piece, he explains that a home provides shelter to protect both the body and the heart from suffering and calls on America to recognize the right of everyone to have a home.


All human beings have a HEART that lives in his BODY. Housing For All Rally 2014 050

Though the heart lives in the body; but the heart is not at all happy if its body is always exposed to the vagaries of the nature around us. By nature, we mean our planet earth that is always surrounded by the changing weather patterns like extreme cold, extreme heat, extreme wind, rain, snow, extreme light, extreme darkness, earthquakes and other calamities inflicted on us by nature.

These natural vagaries inflict serious pain and suffering to our bodies that the heart is compelled to suffer. To avoid these cruel torture of nature, our hearts seek a HOME that will provide the necessary shelter against these extreme conditions that inflict pain and suffering to our BODY and hence to our HEART. Thus, our body and heart together work very very hard to develop a suitable permanent shelter to live in, which we humans like to call our HOME.

Thus, it is this Home where the Heart always is. It is the heart that tells us what kind of a home we want to live in, what do we want in the home, and who do we want in our home. It is the heart that propels us to build and equip our home, so that it feels the peace and serenity it rightly deserves. Hence, it is the home where the heart is, and will always want to be.

Clearly, if America seeks to be a truly democratic nation, we should honestly proclaim the constitutional right of every human being to have a home where his heart is. It should be our solemn duty to provide a home for every human heart to live freely on this land of the brave and free, of course without any more wars. I sincerely hope that you will all agree with me.

God Bless America!

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