Housing Production Trust Fund invests in our communities

May 22, 2014

The Housing Production Trust Fund is the back bone of affordable housing in DC. Last year, DC invested in the Trust Fund so it could invest in our communities. What happened? The District built, preserved, or rehabbed homes for 1,260 families and individuals. Here’s a snapshot of where the Trust Fund will be invested in our communities:

The 19 Housing Developments with Trust Fund Commitments:

    • 1,260 homes
    • 321 Special Needs homes; of those, 123 are Permanent Supportive Housing
    • 27% benefit residents at 30% or below AMI; 37% benefit residents at 50% or below AMI; 83% benefit residents at 60% or below AMI
    • Combined TDC = $344.38 M
    • Total HPTF commitment = $93.44 M
    • HPTF leverages other funding by a factor of 2.7


The Council is still considering how much to invest in the Housing Production Trust Fund as part of this year’s budget. It is a crucial moment for them to work to reach the $100 million level that eight members of the Council have supported this winter through attending rallies and introducing legislation.

Below you can check out profiles of housing developments that have benefited from the Trust Fund.


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