1st place youth entry

March 24, 2015

Aniya Ward

A very proud and gleeful Aniya, as she accepts her 1st place award.

Our first place youth winner, Aniya Ward, gives a symbolic definition of what home means to her.  She is well aware of the disadvantages of those without homes to call their own, but explains the importance of happiness in everything that she does.  Congrats on being this year’s first place winner!

1st Place | Youth Category
“Home”, home is a place where I feel free. Home, home is the place where I can be anyone I want to be. My home to me is music. When I sing I feel peace, I feel calm, and I feel that absolutely nobody can get to me. They say home is where you live, but I think otherwise. To me, home can be anywhere, as long as you feel like you can be yourself. Where I was raised, I was taught to respect others, and to treat other people how I wanted to be treated. I take everything that I have ever learned, and I use it towards music. Every note I hit when I sing is magic. Even if I mess up I know that it’s ok. Usually, when I mess up anything at school, I put a lot of pressure on myself because I want everything that I do, to be done perfectly. But at home I feel serenity. As a youth, I’m grateful to even have a place to call home. I’m grateful to have a place to rest my head, and dance all day until my feet hurt because not everyone has that. Where I live is a place where I can learn from my mistakes, perfect my crafts, and strive to be the best. Unfortunately people don’t have the open doors to work on their life goals no matter how talented they are. To the people who are associated with the homeless environment, I truly believe that they deserve to have a place to call home. They deserve to know that they deserve the best, and they deserve to have a chance to succeed and be the best. My home is my open door to success, but most importantly “Home Is Where the Heart Is”.

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