2nd Place Youth Entry

March 17, 2015

Charles Barley

Our second place youth writing winner, Charles Barley, accounts his transition from his old home into his new home. Here, in this subtle yet sentimentally driven entry, Charles magnifies the little things that he thinks make his home a very special one.

Home Sweet Home

My home is a sweet home. As a kid growing up, I used to hang outside with my friends. I didn’t spend much time at home. I loved the streets more than coming home. Then, we moved to my new home. It wasn’t brand new, but new to me. We were the first ones to move from the old neighborhood. I liked staying inside playing games and wrestling with my dad. This made my house a home. This is a home sweet home. When I think of home, it brings back memories of a place where I play games, dance, and go outside with family and friends. My memories of home are fun. Home is more than a place that I live. It is more than a place that I lay my head. It is a safe place where I wake up in the mornings. My home is home sweet home.

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