3rd Place Youth Entry 2015

March 10, 2015

Alex Merino_Charles Barley_Aniya WardOur third place youth winner, Alex Merino (left), has high hopes to be a professional soccer player one day.  He and his family found a comfortable place to call their home with the help of Jubilee Housing.  Alex Merino expresses his aspirations and satisfaction with this detailed entry.

3rd Place Youth Entry: Alex Merino

Home is a special place for me because it is a place I can be secure in and I am always happy with my family. Everything is joyful in my apartment with my mom and my family. It is joyful because everybody makes me happy in my home and my home is so blessed because Jubilee Housing gave it to us. My heart feels good there. It is so fun in my house because there are games to play and I have space to play with my brother. If I wasn’t in Jubilee Housing in my apartment learning with the youth programs, I would be failing my grades. I would have an F in each class I went to. Even if I tried my hardest nothing would be better than a place that is quiet so I could hear myself think. My favorite place about my home is that everything there is mine. If my family didn’t own it, I wouldn’t be so happy and joyful. Without my house I would be starving to death because we would have no place to put our food. Even if I had five dollars or so, I wouldn’t have any food because in the streets all the rats would touch it. When I grow up I want my home to be a place where I could live and offer my space to other homeless people and kids so they could live in and that they won’t get sick outside or die from thunder if it is thundering or lightening. I want to be a famous soccer player when I grow up and I would want a mansion so everyone who is special could fit inside. Even if there were 100 homeless people I could fit them all in my house. That is why housing is so special to me because Jubilee Housing is teaching me how to have a home and be a good soccer player. They teach me to reach out to others, like homeless people, so they could be okay and succeed through the rest of their lives. Home is special to me because I know nothing will stop me reaching my sweet dreams!

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