COVID-19 Resource Repository

Due to the widespread state of emergency caused by the novel COVID-19 virus, CNHED is now operating in an unprecedented landscape. The government, our members, and district residents are all facing unique issues associated with the shut-down of many essential services and workplaces. Thankfully, as the impact continues to grow, emergency response and resources have begun to form, providing assistance to help alleviate some of the challenges groups are facing.

Just like many other organizations, CNHED wants to ensure that we’re proactively providing solutions during this difficult time.

There is an abundance of information surrounding COVID-19 at any given time shared via email, social media, in the paper and on TV. So much so, that it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We thought it would be most helpful to create a repository of information that is regularly updated.

The below spreadsheet contains all the currently known resources surrounding COVID-19. It is segmented for the following groups:

  • General Resources
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Housers
  • Small Businesses
  • Residents

As we receive notice of new resources, we will add them to the shared document. We will also share new resources on our Twitter account.

*Please note that some functionality and links may not work on this page. For full functionality, please view the spreadsheet on GoogleDrive*

Click here to view the spreadsheet on GoogleDrive.


To navigate the spreadsheet below, please use the tabs at the bottom of the table, not the colored menu links.

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