COVID-19 Response & Recovery


Throughout 2020, we have faced an unprecedented public health crisis that has drastically impacted our work, the work of our members, and the communities we work to serve. Despite our new landscape constantly changing, and the future still uncertain, CNHED is committed to ensuring our stakeholders – members and DC’s under-resourced communities – have the support they need as they battle the numerous challenges brought on by COVID-19 as well as emerge from this with stronger strategies of how to work and serve.

Protect with Purpose

Protect with Purpose is an innovative community manufacturing project collaborating with DC textile workers of color to produce needed cloth masks for residents, organizations, and institutions serving our community. The effort is being led by the DC Fashion Foundation (DCFF) and the House of Clyopatra Foundation, in partnership with the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED). Masks produced adheres to highest quality standards, developed based on CDC recommendations for face coverings, and offers creative designs, while helping protect and create good jobs for our community.

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Resource Repository

There is an abundance of information surrounding COVID-19 at any given time shared via email, social media, in the paper and on TV. So much so, that it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We thought it would be most helpful to create a repository of information that is regularly updated.The spreadsheet contains resources surrounding COVID-19. It is segmented for the following groups:

  • General Resources
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Housers
  • Small Businesses
  • Residents

As we receive notice of new resources, we will add them to the shared document.

Click here to view the spreadsheet on GoogleDrive.



How long we will be operating in this socially-distant, virtual environment is uncertain. However, what is clear is CNHED’s dedication to finding solutions that promote not only recovery, but also longer-term sustainability and resiliency within our membership and DC’s community development sector. Looking ahead, we plan to be a definitive resource to the housing, workforce, and small business fields to help restore but also innovate from the conditions faced and the lessons learned.  And finally, we plan regularly survey our members and community to provide local government with the priorities and hard-data needed to make effective and equitable policy decisions.

As we continue brainstorm these solutions, we remind ourselves that none of this work – what we’ve done in response and what we’re preparing to do for recovery – would be possible without our generous sponsors and supporters. We are incredibly grateful that we are able to conduct much of CNHED’s work from our homes, and we realize that is not the case for every organization. As our new landscape continues to unfold, CNHED is committed to ensuring that the communities we serve continue to receive the resources they need.



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