Creative Placemaking with CNHED

Helping to build stronger communities through the arts for positive economic and community outcomes.

The Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic Development (CNHED) is accepting proposals from artist/s or artist organizations to engage stakeholders and residents in the development, design and build-out, and programming of community-driven creative placemaking projects at three public sites in these neighborhoods. This work is part of a broader initiative engaging stakeholders and residents in developing a Comprehensive Community Development Model in Deanwood, Lincoln Heights, Richardson Dwellings, and Capitol View neighborhoods.

Through the application of a creative placemaking approach, CNHED invites artist/s and artist organizations to engage communities by creating experiences that connect people, inspire action, support creativity and celebrate unique aspects of neighborhoods. Each project will seek to demonstrate how creative placemaking can serve as a catalyst for greater community building and social cohesion. This work is funded by District of Columbia Office of Planning, the Office for the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and the Kresge Foundation.

CNHED seeks to select qualified artist/s or artist organization to define and implement creative placemaking projects in the Deanwood, Lincoln Heights, Richardson Dwellings and Capitol View neighborhoods. The selected artist/s or artist organization will engage community stakeholders and residents working on Model recommendations in the areas of housing, health, public safety, youth development and economic and workforce development to understand how an arts-based approach can complement the work.


Project Objectives

In conjunction with Deanwood, Lincoln Heights, Richardson Dwellings, and Capitol View stakeholders and residents, the selected artist/s or artist organization will provide the following services:

  • Engage residents and community stakeholders in conversations to support development and adoption of a community development plan in Deanwood, Lincoln Heights, Richardson Dwellings, and Capitol View,
  • Participate in resident/community stakeholder meetings organized by CNHED,
  • Conduct a community asset mapping exercise in partnership with CNHED to identify public spaces for creative placemaking interventions, and engage in other aspects of the comprehensive community development model
  • Develop a creative placemaking strategy for three public sites/spaces identified by residents and community stakeholders in study area,
  • Lead the implementation of a neighborhood-scale, resident-driven, place-based creative placemaking project(s) at three public spaces identified during the community asset mapping exercise. This includes the development, design, build-out and programming of public space(s), as well as the fabrication, installation and disassembly. Monitor, track and report metrics for each creative placemaking project.


RFP and Project Timeline

RFP ReleasedJanuary 17, 2020
Public Information SessionJanuary 30, 2020
Application DeadlineFebruary 14, 2020
Artist or Artist Organization NotifiedFebruary 28, 2020
Creative Placemaking Development, Design & InstallationMarch 2020 - May 2020


Selection Criteria 

This RFP is seeking applications from an artist or creative agencies/organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Active in the arts community in DC (Ward 7 preferred, but partnerships with artists or art organizations East of the River also applies)
  • Must be equity-focused and engaged in art that addresses or promotes a community purpose, issue or need — particularly related to economic, social, and racial justice
  • Understands project objectives for a creative placemaking project, and implementation strategies that lead to a successful project
  • At least 3-5 years of professional experience, specifically with:
    • Leading a project concept development process related to arts, cultural and creative placemaking projects, including project implementation;
    • Curating and implementing innovative arts, cultural and creative placemaking projects that transform public space;
    • Organizing and managing special events and artists and/or creatives; and
    • Engaging diverse stakeholders via a range of engagement platforms including non-traditional approaches.



Funding is available for one artist/s or artist organization. The maximum amount of funding available is up to $45,000, which includes community engagement, project concept development and planning, and implementation.


Application Requirements

Submit all application materials to by Friday, February 14, 2020. Please use “Creative Placemaking Application” in the email subject line.

Requirements include:

  1. Cover sheet that contains the following information:
    • Artist’s Name
    • Artist’s Organization (if applicable)
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Website and Social media handles– IG, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (if applicable)
  2. Please answer each question. No answer should exceed 350 words in length.
    • What inspired you to apply for this opportunity? What, if any, is your connection to the Ward 7 communities (Deanwood, Lincoln Heights, Richardson Dwellings, Capitol View)?
    • Describe your experience curating and implementing innovative arts, cultural and creative placemaking projects that transform public space.
    • How do you work with communities to understand key issues? How have you engaged diverse stakeholders?
    • How does your art build community and address or promote economic, social and racial justice?
    • What is your approach to project implementation in creative placemaking, specifically related to:
      • Creating and using a work plan;
      • Reaching key milestones and decision points;
      • Collaborating with other artists; and
      • Project reporting, including types of metrics used for tracking creative placemaking projects.
  3. Artist Portfolio of Work Samples
    • Please share 3-5 work samples. Samples may include current or past exhibits/ creative placemaking projects. Curatorial descriptions as well as title, date, and medium of each work sample are appreciated. 
    • Samples can include Images (up to 5MB each), Video (up to 250MB each), Audio (up to 30MB each) and PDFs (up to 10MB each). You may also link to media from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud.
  4. Resume or CV of artist or key staff at artist organization outlining relevant experience
  5. Letters of recommendation or reviews or press coverage of previous exhibits/ creative placemaking projects undertaken by the applicant (if applicable)


Information Session

Project sponsors hosted an in-person information session for potential applicants on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at the Dorothy I. Height/Benning Neighborhood Library. Download the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) packet of questions compiled from the questions we received from interested applicants at the session.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have more questions? Download the FAQs packet here.



For further questions, please contact CNHED at


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