What is the Housing For All Campaign?

What we believe: 

All District residents deserve decent, quality housing at a price they can afford.  We call on District officials to invest in the housing programs that meet that need.

Who we are:

The Campaign was launched by the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development, which is a membership association that leads nonprofit community development organizations in ensuring that residents with low and moderate incomes have housing and economic opportunities in neighborhoods throughout the District of Columbia. The campaign is made up of the people who work at affordable housing nonprofits, people living in affordable housing, and concerned DC residents like you!

What we want:

DC government should invest in the programs that make a full Continuum of Housing affordable for District residents. These programs include the Housing Production Trust Fund, the Home Purchase Assistance Program, the Local Rent Supplement Program, and the Permanent Supportive Housing Program.  We can only produce and preserve the affordable housing DC needs if we invest in growing these programs.

What we do:

We train residents to speak out for affordable housing, mobilize our supporters to keep the stories of DC’s housing need front and center, and challenge government officials to take action!

What we’ve won:

We have won over $420 million for affordable housing! Without the consistent pressure of the Housing For All Campaign, this would not have happened.

Why we continue to push for more:

Our communities continue to suffer from a lack of affordable housing. Over 7,000 people are homeless in DC. One in five DC households pay more than half their income in rent, many of them are our seniors. Homeownership, which would prevent displacement and help develop equity, is out of reach for most low and moderate income households.  We need strong communities, which includes affordable housing.