Learning Circle

Gentrification, Urban Change, and Local Resistance


Meeting 1: Gentrification & Development Part I

Tuesday, 10/8


Meeting 2: Gentrification & Development Part II

Tuesday, 10/15

Meeting 3: Social Movements & Change Part I

Tuesday, 10/22

Meeting 4: Social Movements & Change Part II

Tuesday, 10/29

Hot Spots of Resistance:


Additional resources: 

We don’t have time to discuss everything, but here are some more interesting articles on gentrification.

Gentrification Doesn’t Trickle Down to Help Everyone by David Madden in The Guardian

The Death and Life of Chicago  by Ben Austen in The New York Times

On NOLA and Longing: why I’m not second lining this year. A post for my White people by Catherine Michna on Hearing the Hurricane Coming

Are Artists to Blame for Gentrification by Ben Harris on Slate

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