Organizations and ANCs Support Housing For All

CNHED’s Housing For All Campaign shares the concern of many congregations, community organizations, businesses,ANCs, and unions that housing is unaffordable for too many people in the District, and we must take action. Together, our voices can powerfully advocate for needed District investment in affordable housing programs. We can help put families in homes, end chronic homelessness, support seniors and people with disabilities, preserve low-cost housing, and assist people to buy their first home.

The programs we advocate for include the Housing Production Trust Fund, Local Rent Supplement Program, Permanent Supportive Housing Program, and Home Purchase Assistance Program, which provide a range of housing options for low and moderate income residents. By signing as a supporter of the Housing For All Campaign we ask that you work with us to promote affordable housing solutions that DC desperately needs.

In addition, we commit to working with you to best engage your organization and its participants, helping to amplify your voice. We offer educational opportunities, community building activities, and advocacy – sometimes all at once!

As an organization that supports the Housing For All Campaign we ask that you:
• Engage staff, clients, and constituents in the Housing For All Campaign
• Spread the word about Housing For All Campaign activities
• Take action with us by participating in online and in-person advocacy

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