CNHED June Monthly Meeting

Thank You for Attending Our Event!

Thank you for attending CNHED’s June Monthly Meeting “Marijuana & Racial Equity: Impact on DC Workforce Development, Housing & Services” on Thursday, June 20th. Your questions, feedback, and contributions to the discussion made the event even more robust and informative, so thank you for your participation.

What Our Monthly Meeting Focused On:

Download a detailed summary of the notes HERE.

  • Highlighted underlying effects of the District’s recent cannabis/ marijuana legislation.
  • Discussed the challenges current legislation presents for communities of color, and their ability to participate in the District workforce across industries, especially those that conduct random drug testing such as health & medical (hospital/ clinic), construction, hospitality & food service, and transportation.
  • Possible local solutions to combat the disparity; and MUCH more. Read the notes.


Thanks Again to Our Fantastic Speakers:

Additional Reading:

For additional reading, here are a few articles that provide helpful context on this issue:
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