National Call-In days to Raise the Caps

September 15, 2015

Lifted from our friends at NACEDA:
What: Call your representatives in the U.S. House and Senate
When: TODAY, Sept 15 and tomorrowSept 169 am5 pm
Unified message:
  1. Raise the spending caps.
  2. Fully fund affordable housing and community development programs.
Congress is on a collision course with the federal budget unless they lift Sequester spending caps. Members of Congress returned to DC this week to craft a budget deal. These are a few of the cuts on the table:
  • Empty the National Housing Trust Fund in 2016 and forever after (House bill).
  • Effectively eliminate the HOME program with a 93% funding cut (Senate bill).
  • Fail to renew existing vouchers (House bill would not renew 28,000 existing vouchers, Senate bill would not renew 50,000 existing vouchers).
  • Insufficiently fund the renewal of all project-based rental assistance contracts (House bill).
  • Cut public housing capital funds (House and Senate bills).
  • Eliminate increases sought by HUD for Homeless Assistance Grants (House and Senate bills).
Tell Congress how devastating Sequester spending cuts are to low-income children, families, seniors and veterans in the communities you serve. Join advocates from across the U.S. in flooding Congress with calls September 15-16. Share this email with colleagues, partners and everyone you know who cares about saving housing and community development programs.
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