Where are coops in DC?

This list was created with the leadership of the Latino Economic Development Center in 2014, with support from other CNHED members and is maintained by a coalition of local Technical Assistance providers for Limited Equity Coops, including LEDC, City First Homes, Mi Casa, and Housing Counseling Services.  If you have any updates to the listing here, please contact info@cnhed.org. Map is for illustrative purposes; we hope to update this page later to an interactive map. The Prezi embedded below approximates the final interactive map.

Ward 1Map of Limited Equity Coops in DC

1415 Girard St NW

1429 Girard Street NW Cooperative

1538 Monroe St NW

1621A V Street Association Inc.

1820 California Street Cooperative

1832 Biltmore Corporation

2100 19th St. Coop/Kalorama

3435 Brown Street Cooperative

526 Kenyon Street NW

526 Newton Place NW Cooperative

Adelante Mount Pleasant Coop
3149 Mount Pleasant St., NW

Ailanthus Cooperative
1468 Harvard St., NW

Beverley Court
1736 Columbia Rd., NW

Capital Manor
1436, 1140, 1444 W St NW

Champlain Court Cooperative
2201-2207 Champlaine St., NW

Claiborne Cooperative Association, Inc
3033 16th St., NW

Covington Family Association Cooperative
1848 Columbia Rd., NW

Crestwood Cooperative
1630 Irving St., NW

Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Cooperative
2519 University Pl. NW

Friendly Neighbors Cooperative Association
3128 Sherman Ave., NW

Girard House Cooperative, LCA
744 Girard St NW

Haven House Cooperative
1477 Newton St., NW,

Hilltop Cooperative
2422 17th St NW

Kenesaw Phoenix Cooperative
3060 16th St., NW

Kenyon Street Cooperative Association
1327 Kenyon St NW

Kenyon Street Yes We Can Cooperative
1372 Kenyon St., NW

Las Marias Cooperative
1458 Columbia Rd., NW

LDJ Cooperative Association
1730 Euclid St., NW,

Lehigh Cooperative
2605 Adams Mill Rd., NW

Leland Cooperative
1830 16th St., NW,

Malcolm X Cooperative Association
1701 Euclid St NW

Nelrod International Cooperative
3323 16th St NW

Newton Street Cooperative
1489 Newton St., NW,

Quest Cooperative
1428 Euclid St., NW

Ward 2

1401 11th St NW Cooperative Association

1417 N St NW Cooperative

1425 T St NW

1901-07 15th Street NW

2711 Q Street SE Cooperative

801 P St New Hope Cooperative

Mandela Cooperative
1223 N St., NW

Martin Luther King Jr. Latino Co-op
1236 11th St NW

Northwest Cooperative Homes, Inc.
224 R St. NW

Second Northwest Cooperative
1321 5th St., NW

Spirit of W Street NW
1424 W St NW

Tel Court Cooperative Association Inc.
1413 Half St. SW/ 38 O St. NW

We Still Have A Dream Co-op
1213 10th St NW

Ward 3

3446 Connecticut Avenue Tenant Association

3900 Watson
3900 Watson Pl., NW
Beecher Cooperative
2301 41st St., NW

Ward 4

1363 Peabody St NW

13th Street Terrace Cooperative
3701-3709 13th St.,

1440-46 Tuckerman Street Tenants Association

5610 Colorado Cooperative

5741 Colorado Cooperative

Brightwood Gardens Cooperative
931 Longfellow St., NW

Carolina Apartments Tenant Association
5504 7th St., NW

Colorado Cooperative
5746 Colorado Ave NW

Duncan Cooperative
4625 & 4627 13th St., NW

Florian Gardens Cooperative
5928-5932 9th St., NW,

Hampshire Gardens
4912 New Hampshire Ave / 236 Farragut St., NW

Kara House Coop
1498 Spring Pl., NW

Lightview Cooperative, Inc.
6606 Georgia Ave., NW, #201C

Peabody Cooperative
1333 Peabody St., NW

Unity Building 25 Cooperative
25 Kennedy St NW

Voices of Madison
700 Madison St., NW

Ward 5

1230 Bladensburg Rd Co-op Association

2023 4th Street Cooperative, Inc.

Bates Street Townhomes
24, 53, & 230 Bates St. NW

Dennis Sharp
2013 M St., NE,

Eckington Cooperative Association (Sierra Cooperative)
307 S St., NE

God is in Control at 1256 Cooperative
1256 Owens Pl., NE

Ward 6

1314 K Street SE

636 Cooperative Associates, Inc.
636 12th St., NE

E Street Cooperative Association
1431 E St., NE

Saint James Mutual Homes, Inc.
215 O St. SW

Sursum Corda Co-op

Ward 7

12 Of Us Cooperative

530 Eastern Ave., NE

3301 C Street SE Tenant Association

49th & B Street Cooperative
140 49th St., SE,

61st St Cooperative
11 61st St NE

A Street Manor Coop
4920 A St., SE,

Benning Heights Cooperative Incorporated
4430 E St., SE

Copeland Manor Cooperative
4710-4760 C St., SE

East Capital Gardens
4270 E. Capital St., NE

Gardenview Cooperative
1550 & 1560 27th St., SE

George Washington Carver Tenants Association
4900 East Capitol St., NE

Hacienda Cooperative
100-110 58th St., SE

Penn Manor Cooperative
1735 33rd Pl., SE,

Pleasant Park Cooperative
317 63rd St NE, Clay Street, Banks Place NE

Brandywine Chesapeake Housing Corp.
20 Chesapeake St., SE

Ward 8

Chesapeake Street LTD Partners
818-822 Chesapeake St., SE

East Side Manor Cooperative
3715, 3719 & 3723 2nd Street SE

New Parkchester Housing Cooperative
2905 Pomerot Rd SE

People’s Cooperative Association
2430 Elvans Rd. SE

South Capitol Street Manor Cooperative
3848 South Capitol St SE

Southern Homes and Gardens Cooperative, Inc.
5878 Southern Ave, SE
22 Atlantic Cooperative Assoc

4615 Benning Road Housing Cooperative

Jackson St Cooperative
715 Jackson St NE

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