The Center for Practical Research is a project of the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development.  The purpose of the Center is to:

  • Work with advocates and Coalition members to determine research needs related to affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization in the District of Columbia
  • Perform research within a relatively short time frame
  • Make research results available by disseminating reports to advocates, city officials, the media and others.

This research, as our name implies, is practical, with an emphasis on fostering on-the-ground change in city policy, and improving living conditions for the most vulnerable residents of the District.

Center for Practical Research Reports

February 2020: Creating and Sustaining Limited Equity Cooperatives in the District of Columbia

August 2019: Office-to-Affordable Housing Task Force Report

June 2019: An Assessment of the Need for Large Units in the District of Columbia (click to download) & DC Housing Survey Report: A Supplement to the Assessment of the Need for Large Units in the District of Columbia (click to download)

Click here to visit DMPED’s site and learn more about the study along with other resources including:

  • Housing for Families in the District: The Affordable Family-Sized Unit Study in 9 Charts
  • DC Housing Survey Insights Dashboard

October 2016: Ending Homelessness through the Continuum of Housing

February 2015: Maintaining Economic Diversity and Affordability A Strategy for Preserving Affordable Rental Housing in the District of Columbia

December 2014: Maintaining Economic Diversity and Affordability : A Strategy for Preserving Affordable Rental Housing in the District of Columbia

October 2012: A Decade of Progress: Investing in Lives and Neighborhoods through the Housing Production Trust Fund

Winter 2011: Inclusion of Resident Services Coordinators in Operating Cost

Fall/Winter 2011: Permanent Supportive Housing A Cost Effective Alternative in the District of Columbia

Fall/Winter 2011: Recommendation for Inclusion of Permanent Supportive Housing in Large Scale Projects

July 2010: An Affordable Continuum of Housing…Key to a Better City

October 2008: Affordable Housing in the District Depends on a Stable Housing Production Trust Fund

August 2008: Ward 8 Comprehensive Housing Analysis Washington, DC

April 2007: The District’s Housing Production Trust Fund has Developed Thousands of Affordable Units Since FY2001

December 2004: Property Tax Relief for Affordable Housing and Low-Income Residents of the District of Columbia

June 2004: Financing Development of Affordable Housing: Length of Affordability Requirements and Recapture Provisions

Spring 2004: A Study of Limited-equity Cooperatives in the District of Columbia


Additional Research Information:

September 2013: DC’s First Right Purchase Program Helps to Preserve Affordable Housing and Is One of DC’s Key Anti-Displacement Tools by DC Fiscal Policy Institute, with contribution from CNHED

May, 2013: Washington, D.C. Tenant Survival Guide, eighth edition,  commissioned by CNHED. By Georgetown University’s Harrison Institute for Housing and Community Development, with contributions and translation by Latino Economic Development Center. Tenant Survival Guide in Spanish.

April 2015: Interagency Council on Homelessness 2015-2020 Strategic Plan: Homeward DC

July 2014: Housing Security in the Washington Region, Commissioned by the Community Foundation NCR. Prepared by Urban Institute and MWCOG

May 2015: Affordable Housing Needs Assessment for the District of Columbia By the Urban Institute

June 2015: Call the Question: Will the Greater Washington Region Collaborate and Invest to Solve Its Affordable Housing Shortage? By Rick Cohen

June 2015: The Greater Washington Region’s Future Housing Needs: 2023 Jeanette Chapman, George Mason University School of Public Policy, Center for Regional Analysis June 2015

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