Housing Resources

The Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development does not place individuals in housing, provide housing counseling, or give legal advice on individual matters.  However, many of the nonprofit members and partners that we support through advocacy and training are experts in those areas.  You can contact them using the information below.

Housing Counseling Services

Contact these organizations if you’re looking for new housing, in danger of losing your housing, or if your living situation becomes unstable (for example, if you can’t make your rent payments, are in danger of foreclosure, if the owner of your apartment building plans to sell to a new owner, or if you can’t make your utility payments).

Nonprofit Organization NameTypes of assistancePhone
Click on name to get to websiteContact the organization for the full array of services available
Central American Resource Center (CARECEN)1st-time home buyer, foreclosure prevention, condo & coop assistance (202) 328-9799
Greater Washington Urban LeagueGreater Washington Urban Leagueforeclosure prevention(202) 265-8200
Housing Counseling Services, Inc.1st-time home buyer, foreclosure prevention, home rehab, reverse mortgage, condo & coop assistance (202) 667-7006
Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC)1st-time home buyer, foreclosure prevention, condo & coop assistance (202) 588-5102
University Legal ServicesUniversity Legal Services1st-time home buyer, foreclosure prevention, condo & coop assistance, home rehab, and rental housing counseling(202) 889-2196
Lydia's House, Inc.1st-time home buyer, foreclosure prevention(202) 373-1050


Legal Services

Contact these organizations if you need legal assistance (for example, regarding poor living conditions, eviction, or foreclosure).


Homeless Services

These organizations provide assistance (such as shelter, food, medical, and clothing assistance) to individuals experiencing homelessness.


Housing Database

  • DC Housing Search is a government database of available rental and ownership housing that can be filtered by housing type, affordability, and accommodation of disabilities.

Resources for Renters

  • DC Tenant Bill of Rights (April 3, 2015) outlines the rights of tenants in the District of Columbia and covers areas such as leases, security deposit, disclosure of information, rent increases, building conditions, quiet enjoyment, discrimination, right to organize, retaliation and eviction.
  • Washington, D.C. Tenant Survival Guide, Eighth Edition (May 2013) published by Harrison Institute For Housing and Community Development.  The Guide was produced thanks in part to a grant from CNHED funded by the United Way of the National Capital Area.  The Guide, in English and Spanish, provides a wealth of information to tenants about every facet of rental housing they need to be familiar with, including their rights and options should their building be put up for sale. Click here for the Spanish version.
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