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Housing for All Wins Big in the DC Budget

June 7, 2012 • No Comments »

Through the tireless efforts of our members, supporters, and allies, the final  version of the DC budget includes all of the Housing for All asks we have advocated for this spring! This week, the Council of the District of Columbia voted on the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Support Act (BSA), committing the final pieces needed to […]

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Big Housing Wins in Today's Budget!

May 15, 2012 • No Comments »

We’re thrilled to inform you that today, the DC Council voted to invest in Housing for All and Neighborhood Based Economic Development! Thanks to months of continued advocacy, the Council unanimously agreed to pass a revised budget proposed by Chairman Kwame R. Brown, including nearly $25 million investment to the Continuum of Housing. We applaud Chairman […]

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Our hopes for tomorrow's budget vote

May 14, 2012 • No Comments »

Tomorrow, the DC Council will vote on the city budget.  Even though it’s only a day away, it’s unclear how the Council will vote on the parts of the budget that impact affordable housing. Throughout the past week there has been a lot of media coverage about the state of housing in DC: the city […]

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Cuts threaten successful homeownership program

May 9, 2012 • No Comments »

Affordable housing in the District is disappearing, and programs to help low- and moderate-income residents afford housing in DC are dwindling. One of the affordable housing programs at risk in this year’s budget, thanks largely to federal budget cuts, is the Home Purchase Assistance Program (HPAP), which has helped 13,000 low-income renters become homeowners in […]

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Video: Amazing Disappearing Housing Budget

May 7, 2012 • No Comments »

Check out our new video, the Amazing Incredible Disappearing Housing Budget! It’s an easy-to-understand version of the proposed cuts in affordable housing.

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Housing for All goes viral!

May 4, 2012 • No Comments »

This week, we tweeted at the DC Council our vision of Housing for All!  We got lots of great pictures from around the city. You can see the best of our pictures and tweets here. And here are a few for you to enjoy!

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Fund the Fund so Tenants can Purchase

April 30, 2012 • No Comments »

The Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA) is responsible for keeping a lot of DC residents in their home. At the Committee on Housing and Workforce Development Budget hearing, Tamira Ramirez a bilingual tenant organizer at the Latino Economic Development Corporation testified urging the council to preserve TOPA. Thank you for convening this hearing. I’m […]

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We Want More Than Crumbs

April 30, 2012 • No Comments »

On Wednesday April 18 at the City Council  Committee on Housing and Workforce Development Fy 13 budget oversight hearing   District residents testified  urging   City Council to notice the apparent flaws in the Mayor’s budget proposal and restore cuts that  would prevent the city from addressing the housing crisis. One testimony that stuck out was […]

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Please realize this is a real, everyday struggle for us.

April 24, 2012 • No Comments »

A diverse array of  housing advocates from across the District gathered last Wednesday April 18 to testify at the City Council  Committee on Housing and Workforce Development Fy 13 budget oversight hearing.  Testimony of Clara Velasquez Hello I am Clara Velasquez and I live in Jubilee Housing.  I live at 1630 Fuller Street NW in […]

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Residents Rally: Stop Making Affordable Housing Programs Disappear!

April 18, 2012 • No Comments »

Brian Adams, Jubilee Housing Hundreds of DC residents descended on the John A. Wilson Building to protest the $25 million in cuts to affordable housing programs and call on the DC Council to recognize the dire need for low-to-moderate income housing in the District. Their demands echo thousands more who voted affordable housing as the […]

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