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Video: Stories from the Housing for All Rally

February 28, 2014 • Comments Off on Video: Stories from the Housing for All Rally

At the Housing for All NOW Rally, we asked DC residents to tell us their personal stories of housing struggles or affordable housing successes. Others told us why they needed affordable housing now. Check out their stories and answers in this video:

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Home is Where the Heart Is: Housing for All Youth and Adult Writing Contest

December 12, 2013 • Comments Off on Home is Where the Heart Is: Housing for All Youth and Adult Writing Contest

At the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED)’s Housing For All Campaign, we know “home is where the heart is” is more than just a phrase. We work to make sure that District residents have safe, decent affordable homes. Unfortunately, many families in Washington, DC struggle to find homes they can afford and […]

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If You Build It They Will Come

March 5, 2013 • No Comments »

Below you will find the final winning entry for the Housing For All writing contest. The short essay by Marcia Cole outlines her vision for housing in DC “as quality housing …where people of different races, ages, educational backgrounds and income levels can coexist and benefit from each other”.   If You Build It They […]

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Daisia’s Vision (Youth 3rd Place)

February 26, 2013 • No Comments »

Daisia Williams is our youth third place winner. She is a student at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. Daisia takes us through her vision for Housing For All with a short story that traces the steps of a young mother’s struggle for affordable housing.  You can read her story below: Housing for All: A Vision […]

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The Big Move (Youth Second Place)

February 25, 2013 • No Comments »

Our youth second place winner is Katherine Hernandez. She is an 11 year old student at Ceasar Chavez School of Public Policy.    She writes a short description about her families struggle for affordable housing when moving from a small cramped apartment into a home that was more accommodating for her family.    The Big […]

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Housing For All Poem (Youth First Place)

February 21, 2013 • No Comments »

Tyrone Lewis is our youth first place winner.  He is a 12 year with wisdom far beyond his years. Below you’ll find his poem where he talks about his family’s own struggle with affordable housing : “ I hope you like my poem because l worked really hard on it and also I am a […]

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Another Vision of Housing For All

February 20, 2013 • No Comments »

Our second place adult category winner is Eugene Sanford, a homeless advocate in DC. He walked the judges through his vision of housing for all with a poem addressing homelessness and the poor conditions of shelter in the DC area.  You can read his poem below:   What Is Your Vision of Housing For All […]

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A Vision For DC: A Possible City

February 14, 2013 • No Comments »

John “Mick” Matthews rounds up our adult category with his first place entry entitled: A Possible City. Matthews imagined DC as a place were homeless shelters are no longer needed because everyone had quality and decent housing.  Could you ever imagine such a perfect place? Continue reading below to find what other revolutionary ideas Matthew […]

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Housing For All Rally: Strong voices and vision for affordable housing

January 29, 2013 • 1 Comment »

Hundreds rallied on Saturday at the Martin Luther King Library under banners reading “Housing For All: A Vision for DC” and “No one is homeless, rent is affordable, residents aren’t displaced, homeownership is possible.” Over 300 people packed the library’s Great Hall in a rally organized by the Housing For All Campaign, a project of […]

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Fulfilling Martin Luther King’s Vision

January 23, 2013 • No Comments »

Today’s post is by Housing For All intern Shaunte Wilcher. Americans all around the country were once again reminded of the struggle for civil rights domestically and abroad as Martin Luther King Day and the second inauguration of the first African American president has finally come to a close. These historical events remind many of […]

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