Capacity Building Institute

CNHED provides high quality training at an affordable price to help sharpen the skills of the community development industry in the DC metro area. Our training courses and seminars are unlike any other you’ll find.  Why?  Because they’re tailor-made to build the capacity of organizations that develop and operate in Washington, DC.

In existence since 1999, the Training Institute has truly found its niche with the customization of a number of courses each year specific to the DC marketplace. Through collaborations with government agencies, practitioners who have been successful in the District and other partners, we create tailored courses to train our members on how things “really work” in the District of Columbia.  Learn about past and upcoming events here:


Training-Series 2
Training-Series 3

I have found CNHED’s trainings and workshops extremely useful in my position as President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC. CNHED has made an invaluable contribution to those of us lucky enough participate in their courses!
Susanne Slater, President/CEO, Habitat for Humanity of Washington, DC

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