Meet our current VISTA!

CNHED is proud to announce that in addition to the VISTAs hosted by our member nonprofits, we have one VISTA member also working in CNHED’s office to help us better serve our members. Read about her below:

Sarah Breyfogle
Program Planning VISTA

Sarah Breyfogle is the Program Planning VISTA Leader at CNHED. In her first year, she worked to start the VISTA Strong Communities initiative in order to get VISTAs placed at host sites throughout the District. In order to ensure the sustainability of the program, she stayed on for a further year as a VISTA Leader. She grew up in Colorado and moved to DC via Scotland, where she received a Master’s degree in Film Studies from the University of St. Andrews. Because her research focuses on issues of identity in film, she committed to serve with AmeriCorps in order to ground her work in practical service to the communities she writes about. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, working on various creative projects, and dogspotting.

Phone: 202-745-0902 x210

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